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Public and Products Liability Cover 

This cover provides protection against your legal liability for accidental injury to any person or damage to their property arising out of the operation of your business, including cover for products supplied. We would usually recommend a standard limit under the policy is £2,000,000 any one claim in respect of public liability and £2,000,000 in any one period of insurance in respect of products liability. However, depending on the nature of your procedures and the wealth/notoriety of your patient then this should be increased to £10,000,000 to £20,000,000

Employers Liability Cover

If you employ people or are an entity like a Limited Company with Directors, then you are legally required to have this cover. It provides protection against legal liabilities to your employees for accidental injury. We usually provide a standard cover of £10,000,000 for any one claims in respect of Employers Liability in any one period of insurance.

Professional Treatment Risk Cover

Here cover is provided to protect against your legal liability for accidental injury to any person or damage to their property arising out of any treatments undertaken so it’s different from the Public Liability above. You will need to hold a UK recognised qualification in any treatments undertaken. Any treatments you undertake must be acceptable treatments to us and included within our standard treatment list. The standard limit under the policy is £5,000,000 any one claim but again you may look to increase this to £10,000,000 for your clientele.

Teaching Cover

Many practitioners have decided to share their knowledge and experience with others coming into the industry by providing training sessions. Cover for Public, Products and Professional Treatment risk can be extended to provide cover for Teaching or Training Days.

Personal Accident Cover 

Being self-employed usually means that you cannot draw a salary if you are ill or involved in a debilitating accident so we recommend Personal Accident cover that provides you with a lump sum payment in the event that you cannot work on a permanent basis or a weekly benefit if an accident results in a temporary injury. The cover operates 24 hours a day so whilst at home or work. Cover is also available for Sickness, providing you with protection in the event of you not being able to work as a result of an illness.

Surgery Cover

A combined package for your premises. From covering your investment in to the fabric of the building or if the property is rented the tenants improvements and fixtures and fittings. It also provides cover for its contents such as office furniture, IT/computer breakdown, stock, money and glass. The cover can extend to cover your machinery involved in providing treatments along with mobiles and iPads for all risks cover anywhere in the world. Included in this would also be the public and employers liability you would need to protect your employees and visitors to the property.

Directors & Officers Cover

Being a Director of a practice comes with responsibilities that can have repercussions far beyond the Boardroom. Individuals can be personally sued under civil law for their actions without a limit on the indemnity. This means your house and savings could be at risk from actions you take at work. However, D&O cover provides cover for up to £1,000,000 to help represent you and protect your interests.

Legal Expenses

If a situation with a patient goes wrong and they decide to introduce lawyers then your costs could spiral. Our cover provides up to £250,000 in legal costs to help you protect you and your business. Providing cover for employment issues, sales of goods and contracts. The cover also provides assistance to make sure your business runs smoothly for VAT disputes, debt recovery and crisis communication. With helplines for redundancy,  HR and employment as well as Counselling.